Our Philosophy

The foundation on which dreams are built.”

Our focus is client-centered
Our mission is to provide sound financial strategies and responsive service. From the beginning, we take the time to get to know our clients, and by working together to establish a sound financial plan, we help them reach their financial goals and life dreams.

Over 20 years of experience
Since 1985 we have been guiding clients through difficult markets. By making the necessary portfolio adjustments, we meet the long-term goals that we established on our clients' behalf.

Our approach
We generally work on a fee-based model, rather than on a commission basis, determined by client account activity. This approach aligns our interests. We are independent and do not utilize proprietary products—we objectively develop our recommendations based on client need.

Our vision is to the future
We work with our clients to ensure their financial well-being, even as their circumstances change. We strive to provide the peace of mind that allows our clients to concentrate on what is most important to them. This long-term focus guides us in everything we do and forms the core of our relationships.